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KDevelop 5.6 beta 1 released

Monday, 17 August 2020 | kossebau

We are happy to announce the release of KDevelop 5.6 Beta 1!

5.6 as a new feature version of KDevelop will bring half a year of small improvements to features across the application. Full details will be given in the announcement of the KDevelop 5.6.0 release, which is currently scheduled for in 3 weeks.

Should you have any remarks or in case you find any issues in KDevelop 5.6 Beta 1, please let us know.


You can find the Linux AppImage (learn about AppImage) here: KDevelop 5.6 beta 1 AppImage (64-bit) (verify by: GPG signature, keys linked on Download page) Download the file and make it executable (chmod +x KDevelop-5.5.80-x86_64.AppImage), then run it (./KDevelop-5.5.80-x86_64.AppImage).

The source code can be found here: KDevelop 5.6 beta 1 source code

Windows installers are currently not offered, we are looking for someone interested to take care of that.

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