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KDevelop 5.5.1 released

Tuesday, 5 May 2020 | kossebau

We today provide a bug fix and localization update release with version 5.5.1. This release introduces no new features and as such is a safe and recommended update for everyone currently using a previous version of KDevelop 5.5.

You can find the updated Linux AppImage as well as the source code archives on our download page.

Should you have any remarks or in case you find any issues in KDevelop 5.5, please let us know.



  • Clang-tidy: fix storing of custom checksets per project. (commit)
  • Clazy: fix storing of custom checksets per project. (commit)
  • Kdev_format_source: eliminate a global QString constant. (commit)
  • Reduce the scope of local variables in KDevFormatFile::read(). (commit)
  • Move a format_sources comment from unsupported position. (commit)
  • Kdev_format_source: don't ignore the root directory. (commit)
  • Kdev_format_source: fix typos in usage/error messages. (commit)
  • Work around QDir::match() behavior change in Qt 5.12.0. (commit)
  • Add failing kdev_format_source and grepview tests. (commit)
  • Handle errors better in KDevFormatFile::executeCommand(). (commit)
  • Grepview: search in hidden files and directories. (commit)
  • FindClang.cmake: Add 10 to the allowed versions. (commit)
  • Disable CSS images workaround for Qt WebEngine build. (commit)
  • Disable extra context menu in Documentation tool view. (commit)
  • Fix flickering when loading documentation. (commit)
  • [Standard Documentation View] Set the correct mime type for job replies. (commit)
  • Breakpoint icon: add 32 px sized breakpoint icon (also pixel-align SVG). (commit)
  • IADM: take C++ standard from build system manager into account. (commit. fixes bug #417903)
  • Clear selection when updating cursor position. (commit. fixes bug #415644)
  • Don't crash when we fail to find a screen for the active tooltip. (commit. See bug #417151)
  • Kdev-clang: don't skip unexposed declarations from different files. (commit. fixes bug #402066)


No user-relevant changes.


  • Fix a crash when showing the documentation popup. (commit)
  • Update phpfunctions.php to phpdoc revision 349647. (commit)
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