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KDevelop 5.5 released

Sunday, 2 February 2020 | kossebau

We are happy to announce the availability of KDevelop 5.5 today bringing half a year of work mainly on stability, performance, and future maintainability.

KDevelop 5.5.0 in action
New features have not been added. The existing ones have received small improvements:

Improved C++ language support

  • Fix missing header guard warning for a standalone header being always present. (commit)
  • Don't crash when signatures don't match in AdaptSignatureAssistant. (commit)
  • Clazy: add configurable predefined checkset selections. (commit)
  • Clang-tidy: add configurable predefined checkset selections. (commit)
  • Don't get confused when encountering parse errors in default args. (commit. See bug #369546)
  • Fix ClangUtils::getDefaultArguments when encountering macros. (commit. fixes bug #369546)
  • Skip clang-provided override items from code completion. (commit)
  • Unbreak move-into-source for non-class functions. (commit)
  • Lambda init captures are visited starting with clang 9.0.0. (commit)
  • Try a bit harder to find types for look-ahead completion. (commit)

Improved PHP language support

  • Fix uses of function call parameters after closures. (commit)
  • Add support for PHP 7.4's typed properties. (commit. code review D26254)
  • Support importing functions and constants from other namespaces. (commit. fixes bug #408609. code review D25956)
  • Fix rename of a variable. (commit. fixes bug #317879. code review D25587)
  • Add support for "array of type". (commit. code review D24921)
  • Add support for class constant visibility. (commit)
  • I18n: update message to new default. (commit)

Improved Python language support

Other Changes

  • Welcome page: remove background in active window when plugin is disabled. (commit)
  • No longer install modeltest.h, not used externally and deprecated. (commit)
  • Fix "invalid project name" hint not always showing. (commit)
  • Use default scheme option of KColorSchemeManager if available. (commit)
  • Read the global color scheme name from its file. (commit)
  • Fix qmljs comment parsing. (commit)
  • This fixes the comment formatting for the Doxygen variants:. (commit)
  • Qmakebuilder: remove unused kcfg files. (commit)
  • Fix reformat for long strings. (commit)
  • Introduce shell-embedded message area, to avoid dialog windows. (commit)
  • Clazy, clang-tidy: share code via new private KDevCompileAnalyzerCommon. (commit)
  • Make tar archives reproducible by setting Pax headers. (commit. code review D25494)
  • Kdevplatform: remove About data feature. (commit)
  • Support for rebasing. (commit)
  • Add a setting to disable the close buttons on tabs. (commit)
  • CMake: Show project name in showConfigureErrorMessage. (commit)
  • TemplatePreview: Enable word-wrap for messagebox and Lines Policy Label. (commit)
  • Filetemplates: load and show tooltip for custom options. (commit)
  • Pass environment variables from process environment and set up with flatpak environment. (commit)
  • Remove usage of columns argument in arch detection since old LTS systems may not have that flag. (commit)
  • Pass the android toolchain file path to CMake as a local file path not as a URI. (commit. code review D21936)
  • Formater: Hide KTextEditor minimap for the formater preview. (commit)
  • Shell: use KAboutPluginDialog in LoadedPluginsDialog. (commit)
  • Mention all fetch project sources in the documentation. (commit. fixes bug #392550. code review D25342)
  • Script launcher: add env profile configure dialog button to config UI. (commit. fixes bug #410914)
  • Cmake: FindClang: Detect llvm-project.git checkout. (commit)

Get it

Together with the source code, we again provide a pre-built one-file-executable for 64-bit Linux as an AppImage. You can find it on our download page.

The 5.5.0 source code and signatures can be downloaded from

Should you have any remarks or in case you find any issues in KDevelop 5.5, please let us know.

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