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KDevelop 5.4 beta 1 released

Monday, 22 July 2019 | kossebau

We are happy to announce the release of KDevelop 5.4 Beta 1!

5.4 as a new feature version of KDevelop will among other things add some first support for projects using the Meson build system and have the Clang-Tidy support plugin merged as part of built-in plugins. It also brings 11 months of small improvements across the application. Full details will be given in the announcement of the KDevelop 5.4.0 release, which is currently scheduled for in 2 weeks.


You can find the Linux AppImage (learn about AppImage) here: KDevelop 5.4 beta 1 AppImage (64-bit)
Download the file and make it executable (chmod +x KDevelop-5.3.80-x86_64.AppImage), then run it (./KDevelop-5.3.80-x86_64.AppImage).

The source code can be found here: KDevelop 5.4 beta 1 source code

Windows installers are currently not offered, we are looking for someone interested to take care of that.

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