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KDevelop 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 released

Saturday, 19 May 2018 | kfunk

We today provide a stabilization and bugfix release with version 5.2.2 and 5.2.3. 5.2.2 was tagged 6 weeks ago, but we never managed to release it because we did not have the patience to fix the Windows installers in time due to a broken CI. Windows installers are provided for 5.2.3 again. We'll only provide source tarballs for 5.2.2 and we encourage everyone to just skip this release and use 5.2.3 which contains a few more bug fixes.

This is a bugfix-only release, which introduces no new features and as such is a safe and recommended update for everyone currently using KDevelop 5.2.1.

You can find the updated Windows 32- and 64 bit installers, the Linux AppImage, as well as the source code archives on our download page.

Please let us know of any issues you encounter when using KDevelop on the bug tracker, in the mailing lists for development or users (,, or in the comment section of this release announcement.

Change log


  • KDevelop : support whitespace between the '#' and 'include' (or 'import'). (commit. fixes bug #394200. code review D12903)
  • Shell: Display generic project managers again. (commit. code review D12279)
  • Github: Fix Github repositories not fetched. (commit. fixes bug #392553. code review D11980)
  • Avoid emptry entries in project files filter list. (commit. code review D11912)
  • Note org.kdevelop.IBasicVersionControl@kdevgit as dep for kdevghprovider. (commit. code review D11823)
  • Never assert when the assert can fire sporadically. (commit. See bug #357585)
  • Sublime: Release space in tab bar when no status. (commit. See bug #314167)
  • Shell: Save entries of recent projects action. (commit. fixes bug #385915)
  • Lldb: don't issue command when there's no env variables to set, fix Bug 391897. (commit. code review D11524)
  • Fix crash when activating code completion item. (commit. fixes bug #391742)
  • Do not add return type to constructors declaration when editing definition in signature assistant. (commit. fixes bug #365420. code review D11291)
  • Make lambda introduce a context in DU chain. (commit. fixes bug #387994. code review D11303)
  • Fix bug 384082 - cppcheck is checking CMake generated files. (commit. fixes bug #384082. code review D11041)
  • Never run qmlplugindump on plugins that already offer plugins.qmltypes. (commit. code review D10872)
  • Fix CodeCompletion of Strongly Typed Enum. (commit. code review D10738)
  • Make sure qmlplugindump works on my system. (commit. code review D10782)
  • Make sure we don't crash when stopping all jobs. (commit. code review D10874)
  • Help automoc to find metadata JSON files referenced in the code. (commit. code review D10693)
  • Link against KF5::Purpose if it's available. (commit. code review D9921)
  • Properly quote expected string value in lldb formatter unittests. (commit. code review D9929)
  • Unbreak the GDB QUrl pretty printer test. (commit. code review D9922)
  • Unbreak QtPrintersTest::testQString. (commit. code review D9923)
  • Also unbreak QtPrintersTest::testQByteArray. (commit. code review D9924)
  • Work around bug in kLineEdit. (commit. code review D9809. fixes bug #373004)
  • Fix crash when stopping process. (commit. code review D9858)
  • Performance: Reuse the global icon loader. (commit. code review D9783)
  • Cache ProblemPointers per translation unit. (commit. fixes bug #386720. code review D9772)
  • Only set CMAKE_AUTOMOC_MACRO_NAMES with KF5 < 5.42. (commit. code review D9778)
  • Format comments before setting them on the DUChain. (commit. code review D9472)
  • Set toolbar/toolbutton font on quickopen line edit. (commit. code review D9481)


  • Ensure that always returns something on stdout to unlock m_mutex. (commit. fixes bug #392031. code review D11474)
  • Fix crash with contexts opened in the baseclass list of a class definition. (commit. fixes bug #389326)
  • Fix appstream metadata filename and some content, and install it. (commit. code review D9488)


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