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KDevelop 5.0.1 released

Monday, 19 September 2016 | sbrauch

One month after the release of KDevelop 5.0.0, we are happy to release KDevelop 5.0.1 today, fixing a list of issues discovered with 5.0.0. The list of changes below is not exhaustive, but just mentions the most important improvements; for a detailed list, please see our git history.

An update to version 5.0.1 is highly recommended for everyone using 5.0.0.

Issues fixed in 5.0.1

  • Fix a deadlock in the background parser, which especially occured on projects containing both C++ and Python/JS/QML code and caused either parsing or the whole application to freeze randomly. [BR: 355100]
  • Do not display the "project is already open in a different session" dialog on starting up a session under some circumstances.
  • Fix a crash which sometimes happened when switching git branches on command line.
  • Fix a crash when starting debugger from command-line. [BR: 367837]
  • Mouseover highlight now uses the "Search highlight" color from the configuration dialog, instead of a hard-coded bright yellow. [BR: 368458]
  • Fix a crash in the PHP plugin when editing text in the line after a "TODO". [BR: 368257]
  • Fix working directory of Custom Makefile plugin [BR: 239004]
  • Fix a possible crash on triggering an assistant popup action [BR: 368270]
  • Fix a freeze under some circumstances when the welcome page is displayed. [BR: 368138]
  • Fix some translation issues.
  • Fix imports sometimes not being found in kdev-python without pressing F5 by hand [BR: 368556]

Issues fixed in the Linux AppImage

  • Ship the subversion plugin.
  • Fix QtHelp not working.
  • Ship various X11 libraries, which reportedly makes the binary run on relatively old systems now (SLES 11 and similar)
  • Disable the welcome page for now.


The source code for 5.0.1 is available here:

Source archives are signed with the GPG key of Sven Brauch, key fingerprint 4A62 9799 32BB BCE5 E395 6ACF 68CA 8E38 C4BB 3F4B.

The AppImage pre-built binaries for Linux can be downloaded from here:

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