kdev-python 1.5 and 1.4.2 released

Half a year after the first stable release, I'm happy to announce the release of kdev-python 1.5 today, which brings Python support to KDevelop 1.5. Together with 1.5, I release the second (and last) update for the 1.4 series which contains two backported crash fixes. Please refer to announcement on my blog for more information. Download links are in the full view of this article.

Container types / class browser

On the left of this image, you can see the class browser; it gives you a quick overview of all classes in your project, and their methods and attributes. By clicking on them you can easily jump to the declaration or find all occurences of a particular item.
In the code view, the tooltip shows an example of KDevelop's list content type support: by analyzing your code, it is found that the highlighted variable is a dictionary which has integers as keys and further dictionaries as values.

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Rename items

You can right-click any declaration and select "rename" to easily rename all (recognized) occurences of that declaration project-wide. This works for local variables, as well as for class members, member functions, classes, ...

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Implement methods

When defining a new function in a class, you're presented a list of possible "magic functions" to implement.

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Dark colour schemes

The highlighter also allows for the use of dark colour schemes.

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Qickopen support

As for the other languages supported by KDevelop, you can use the quickopen plugin to search any function or class declaration in your whole project as-you-type.

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Advanced static type inference

This screenshots shows that KDevelop can guess the type of an object accurately even in a complex scenario.

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